Commercial Property for Sale in France

Commercial Property for Sale in France

France has one of the most trusted and sophisticated commercial property markets. With a population of over 65m, its capital Paris attracts more visitors than any other city in the world and is the main engine room of the French economy.Its strategic location within Europe means it is a key European transport hub for both freight and passenger traffic. Having a skilled and educated workforce enables it to play a central role in World affairs.The maturity of the French commercial property market is such that it continually attracts international investors seeking secure stable returns and solid growth prospects.

The wealth of commercial property opportunities on offer in France results in strong competition amongst domestic and international investors. Investment into the CRE sector continues apace despite the recent travails of the global economy.Within the various sectors, the hotel market is buoyed by both the large number of international tourists who visit here annually and a not insignificant number of business travelers - boosted by the numerous exhibitions and trade shows hosted in the country each year.The Paris region is home to the largest office market in Europe and has proved remarkably resilient in periods of economic difficulty.The much smaller residential investment market also generates interest with potential to provide long term value.Whilst elsewhere, amongst the different retail classes’ shopping centre acquisitions have proved increasingly popular to investors of late.

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