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Shopping Centre in the State of Bavaria for Sale

Property type: shopping centre
Purchase of established rental business

Location: the state of Bavaria, Germany
• property is located in a town with a population over 20,000

Lettable area: ca. 13,900 m2
Land area: ca. 21,500 m2

Car parking facilities: parking lot

Tenants: Dm (pharmacy chain), Deichmann (chain of shoe stores), fitness centre, sporting goods store, bakery, gas station and car wash, technical inspection, pavilion for events, dance studio, etc.

Occupancy: ca. 68%
Vacant commercial space: ca. 4,500 m2

Terms of lease agreements:
• Lease Agreement with Dm: until 2028
• Lease Agreement with Deichmann: until 2022 (+ renewal option 1x5 years)
• Lease Agreements with other tenants: until 2021-2026 (+ 5-year renewal options)

• Possibility of renewal: YES
• Rent Review: YES

Purchase price: 6,000,000 EUR

(+ closing costs)

Current Overall Rental Income: 498,400 EUR per annum
(+ indexation linked to inflation)

Current Yield: 8.3%

Value Add potential:

• There is a possibility to increase yield in case of renting out vacant commercial spaces;
• Potential Rental Income (at 100% occupancy): ca. 796,000 EUR per annum;
• Potential Yield (at 100% occupancy): 13.3%.

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