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Complex of 92 Micro Apartments in Munich for Sale

Complex of 92 Micro Apartments in Munich for Sale

Property type: complex of serviced apartments

Micro apartments: 92

Сompletion: Q1 2022

Building size: ca. 3,500 m2

Plot area: ca. 1,900 m2

Location: Munich (the district of Moosach), the state of Bavaria, Germany
Munich is the third-largest city in Germany with a population of about 1.5 million
• Munich is a city of high standards, one of the largest cities in the world and is considered to be a center of culture, politics, science and media; in 2018, the city was recognized as the most livable city in the world
• property is located in the district of Moosach, a quiet residential area, but at the same time with a well-developed infrastructure, including various shopping centers and public institutions
Moosach has an extensive network of transport links and provides a convenient connection to the city center
• 2 nearest metro stations are within walking distance from the property: 300m and 700m

Options of acquisition:

1. Complex of micro apartments is for sale with Vacant Possession (i.e. Free of Management)

2. However, we can assist the potential buyer in the selection of a suitable serviced apartment's operator for long-term lease agreement:
∙ with indexation of yield linked to inflation
∙ with a bank guarantee
∙ with Double net lease (NN lease): tenant (Hotel operator) is responsible for almost all operating expenses (including land tax, building insurance, minor repairs, etc.), except for total building renovation; the owner is responsible only in the case of a potential renovation of the entire building
∙ Yield: 4.0% per annum

Purchase price: 37,500,000 EUR
(+ closing costs)

Deal Structure – Share Deal:
• acquisition of the shares of the company that owns the property
• in case of Share Deal there is no obligation to pay property transfer tax

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