Distressed Commercial Properties

These days, changes come faster than anyone can imagine. This is a new challenge for the real estate market but it is also a great opportunity that we have been waiting for in the market for so long. Not many people know how to deal with this, but we managed this downturn in the past and will do it again. Only those who adapt their strategies will survive and eventually earn money.

The good news is that the money is still there, but the investment angle and strategy envisage a new approach to survive. We did this in 2008-2009 and we are going to do it now. We are starting to acquire distressed assets. Only one decade ago, we did this with enough equity to be aggressive and fast and double our and investment money within 2 years. Now it's time to do the same. Only full cash and aggressive investment offers will work.

We focus on the countries: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Spain.

We are looking for distressed assets within real estate sectors: hotels and serviced apartments, residential portfolios, offices, greenfield and land developments.

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